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Episode 121-Queen-Queen-With Terrence Reardon

July 16th, 2018

Today we are joined by Terrence Reardon, From the Terrence Reardon and Friends Audio Visual Podcast to Review Queen 1. In this Crossover episode... Terrence, will also tell his side of the story about Andrew Jacobs.. Plus We Play 4 Tracks from this album and 3 tracks of the week 2 From Aerosmith'Taste Of India" And "Train Kept A Rollin" And Pink Floyd Jugband Blues..So sit back and enjoy!!

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Episode 120-Fever Tree-Another Time Another Place

July 10th, 2018

Today We review Fever Tree-Another Time,Another Place.. Plus we have Andrew Jacobs on with Lee... And we play 3 tracks off this record and play 3 newer artists...Bad Wolves- with their Cover on "Zombie "And BlackTop Mojo with their Cover of"Dream On"And Gurr"1985" And Tracks of the week Alice Cooper"Fields Of Regret"and Dokken"It's Another Day"

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Episode 119-Def Leppard- High’N’ Dry With Ralph Viera(AKA) DR. FUKK

July 3rd, 2018

Today we review Def Leppard High'N'Dry With Special Guest Ralph Viera(AKA) Dr.Fukk...We Discuss This album plus play four tracks from it and Discuss Facebook Troll Andrew Jacobs..Plus Tracks of the week:Elvis"Baby I don't Care"Status Quo"Daughter"Bob Seger"Rock'N'Roll Never Forgets"Sit Back and Enjoy and share!!

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Episode 118- Olden Yolk-Olden Yolk-With Lee Gerstmann

June 26th, 2018

So today we Review Olden Yolk a band that Lee, Loves plus we play 3 songs from the record and 2 tracks of the week.Heart "Bebe Le Strange" And Areosmith"Draw The Line" Plus a new feature before the review We spotlight newer bands This week its Pop Evil"Hero" and Crazy Lixx"Wild Child" So sit back and Enjoy!!

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Episode 117-Pat Benatar-Crimes Of Passion-With Lee Gerstmann

June 19th, 2018


Today We review 1980 Pat Benatar's "Crimes Of Passion"And play four Tracks from the record and two tracks Of the Week.. Ruby Starr & Gray Ghost"Burnin' Whiskey" And Duran Duran" New Religion" Sit back and Enjoy!!

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Episode 116-Ten Bands That Should Have been Bigger Vol 1-With Lee Gerstmann

June 12th, 2018

Today we take a break from album reviews and Do "Ten Bands that should have been bigger" and we discuss the bands and play one song from each..Plus we have 2 tracks of the week H.P Lovecraft"The Drifter"and Rival Sons"Electric Man"




Episode 115-The Stooges-The Stooges-With Lee Gerstmann

June 5th, 2018

Today we Review The Stooges Debut Album..Plus we talk about Vinnie Vincent Being a Douche to the Decibal Geek Podcast and what a Jerk he is..

And we play 3 tracks from this album and 2 tracks of the week.. A Euphonious Wail"Pony"And The Cult"White"

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Episode 114-Cheap Trick-Heaven Tonight-With Lee Gersmann

May 28th, 2018

Today We review Cheap Trick's Heaven Tonight plus we play 5 songs from the record and plug some great podcasts and book..Plus as always 2 tracks of the week.. Jesse Ed Davis"Washita Love Child"And Triumph"Ordinary Man"Sit back and Enjoy and Find us on Itunes and Podbean.. And if you can give us a star review on Itunes and Like the join the facebook pages.. 

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Episode 113-Russia-Russia-With Lee Gerstmann

May 21st, 2018

Today we Review an Obscure Band Called Russia with their self Titled Debute from 1980... and we discuss Lee's New York trip plus many shenanigans.. From drunk and Buzzed we play 3 tracks from the album and two tracks of the week.. The Doors"Not to Touch the Earth"and Tesla"Flight To Nowhere"!! So sit back and enjoy!!

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Episode 112-STING-The Dream Of The Blue Turtles The Dream Of The Blue Turtles-With Lee Gerstmann

May 14th, 2018

Today We review the classic first solo album by STING from1985..Plus we play four tracks from the album and two tracks of the week by the Kinks"Victoria and Do it Again"

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