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Welcome to the Free Form Rock Podcast, with our hosts, one fellow who has a wider range of musical interests and another fellow who likes to think of himself as a bit more limited and obscure, ha ha. Actually, we are proud of our diversity, as long as it stays within the limits of what is known as rock music, and we invite you to listen to our episodes and become more open-minded about music. Cheers, everybody!

Episode 142-Martha Velez-Fiends & Angels

December 10th, 2018

On this week's episode of the Free Form Rock Podcast, we review "Fiend or Angel" by Martha Velez. Velez has a kick ass voice and we know you will love this album! We loved it so much that we forgot to do our newest artists of the week until after the first song was reviewed!! Our newest artists of the week which include, "Ghost" by Badflower and "Used To You" by Foreign. Of course, we end our episode with our tracks of the week, "Save That Goodness" by Tesla and "Silly Love" by 10CC. If you happen to dig this week's episode, do us a favor and follow us on Podbean or subscribe to us on iTunes and give us a 5 star review! Until next week, Stay Holly, Jolly and most of all Stay Free!

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Episode 141-Sammy Hagar-Standing Hampton

December 4th, 2018

On this week’s edition of the Free Form Rock Podcast we review and play four songs from Sammy Hagar’s rockin’ album,  “Standing Hampton.” Before we get into that review, we play our picks for the newer artist spotlight featuring , What Happened to Love” by The Heavy and “I’ll Die For You” by Holter.  We close out our episode with our tracks of the week featuring the great tunes, “Get Down, Make Love” by Queen and “Los Angelenos” by Billy Joel.  Until next week friends, stay free and rock hard!

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Episode 140-Wet Willie-The Wetter the Better

November 26th, 2018
On this week’s edition of the Free Form Rock Podcast, we review “The Wetter the Better” by Wet Willie and feature three songs from the album .  Before we get into our review, we bring you our newer artist spotlight playing the songs” World Gone Mad” by Lords of Black and “Where Did You Go by  Sam Evian..  We conclude our episode with tracks of the week highlighting  “Lazy Day” by The Left Banke and the live version of “Heading Down The Highway” By Judas Priest. Until next Monday, Rock out often and as always STAY FREE!
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Episode 139-The Beatles-The White Album

November 19th, 2018

On this week’s episode of the Freeform Rock Podcast, we review the classic album by The Beatles, The White Album.” Since this album is so darned good, we play 5 songs off of this timeless gem.


The newer artist spotlight this week features the songs “Reckless Rider” by The Thick Un's”, and “Where I Lie” by the band Gengahr. True to form, we conclude our episode with our tracks of the week which include “Eminence Front” by The Who and “Follow: by Novella. Until next week, have a ROCKING Thanksgiving!



Episode 138-Spirit-Clear

November 12th, 2018

On this week’s episode of the Freeform Rock Podcast, we dive into our newer music spotlight featuring Airborne’s ”It’s All About Rock and Roll” and Mr. Airplane’s ”I’m In Love.” Then, we review “Clear”, the third album by the band Spirit. We close out our episode as we always do with our tracks of the week which include “Time For Me To Fly” by Reo Speedwagon and “Running Down Deep” by Help Yourself. Until next week, stay free and keep on rockin’!

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Episode 137-Kix-Rock Your Face Off

November 5th, 2018
On this week's episode, Lee and Marc review "Rock Your Face Off", the last Kix album that took 19 years to make. Then, we ask the question, is this a great comeback album or a dud? In the newer music spotlight, we play Leslie Mendelson's “Jericho” and ”Rats” by Ghost. Closing out the episode, we feature our tracks of the week which include "Try’na Keep the Balls In the Air” by John Sebastian and "Do the Evolution" by Pearl Jam.  Until next week, keep rockin' and stay free! 

Episode 136-Elvin Bishop-Struttin’ My Stuff

October 29th, 2018

On this week’s episode of the Freeform Rock Podcast, we start off with our new artist spotlight. This week we feature Nordic Union with “Walk me through the Fire” and Sky Cries Mary with their tune, ”Can’t stand it.”

Then we get into the review and play four tracks from the album “Struttin’ My Stuff” by Elvin Bishop. We end our episode, of course, with our tracks of the week which include Robert Plant’s ”Burning Down Side One,” and Kix  with “Rock Your Face Off.”  Get spooky, keep rockin’ and stay free!

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Episode 135-We Do Our Top 5 Drinking Songs

October 22nd, 2018

Grab your favorite adult beverage and settle in as Marc and Lee go off the rails as they share their favorite drinking songs. Each share their top 5 drinking songs and stay with that theme as they each present their tracks of the week.   Cheers!


Episode 134-Trooper-Trooper

October 15th, 2018

Marc and Lee begin this week’s episode with some sage advice for Andrew Jacobs followed by their review of the debut album from the band, Trooper.  Next, the artist spotlight featuring songs from two newer artists, Mollie Marriot and Inglorious.  They conclude the episode with their rockin’ tracks of the week, “Whiskey River” by Budgie and “Killed by Love” from the band FM. Until next week, Keep rockin’ and stay free!

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Episode 133-Duran Duran-Notorious

October 9th, 2018

On this week’s episode, we review the album “Notorious” by Duran Duran.  We review and play 3 songs from the record and since we made a small mistake, we will feature songs in the artist spotlight immediately following the review.  The spotlight features Electric Century with “Got it All Wrong,” and The Heard with “Tower of Silence.” As always, we end our episode with our tracks of the week which include the band Taste with “Blister on the Moon,” followed by a tune from Tremonti titled “Bringer Of war.”  Until next week, rock on and stay free!