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Welcome to the Free Form Rock Podcast, with our hosts, one fellow who has a wider range of musical interests and another fellow who likes to think of himself as a bit more limited and obscure, ha ha. Actually, we are proud of our diversity, as long as it stays within the limits of what is known as rock music, and we invite you to listen to our episodes and become more open-minded about music. Cheers, everybody!

Episode 241 Steppenwolf-Monster

September 25th, 2020

Steppenwolf - Monster

On this episode, we review the band’s fourth studio album. The album was a more purposeful attempt at a concept album including songs of protest. Maybe one of us does not totally agree with all the lyrics. Our tracks of the week are Rod Stewart’s “All In The Name Of Rock ‘N’ Roll” and Andy Taylor’s “Don’t Let Me Die Young.” We close the episode with Lee’s song “Why Did You Plan It.” Kick back and listen. You’ll have a good time. 

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Episode 240-Survivor-Too Hot to Sleep

September 18th, 2020

Survivor - Too Hot To Sleep

On this episode, are we feeling the effects of the album title or do we have fans to help us cool off? Either way, we review a somewhat obscure later album by a group who had more to offer than their big hits. Our tracks of the week are Survivor's "Burning Heart" and The Ides of March's "Baby's Gonna Grow." We finish with Lee's song "Building Hope", written to words by Henry James MacLafferty. Stay cool... don't be too hot to sleep... survive and have fun!

#80s #SurvivorBand #melodichardrock 

Episode 239-Queensrÿche-Rage For Order With Guest-Eric (RMCP) Jordan

September 11th, 2020

Queensrÿche - Rage For Order

Marc and Lee are joined by Eric (RMCP) Jordan on this review of Queensrÿche‘s 2nd full album. We talk about our feelings of the band and their songs. Our tracks of the week are Stryper’s “Blood From Above” and Bang’s “Windfair” and Sabïre‘s “Daemons Calling.” We conclude with Lee’s song “Holding Hands.” Take care everybody. Enjoy the episode! 

#Heavymetal #progmetal #ragefororder #Queensrÿche 

Episode 238-Michael Stanley Band - Heartland

September 4th, 2020

Michael Stanley Band - Heartland

Uh oh... spaghetti... oh! We do an album by a group that one of us felt needed to be done and one of us might have wondered why. Do we agree? Is this a polarizing album for both of us? If you listen, you will find out. Our tracks of the week are Paul Revere & The Raiders "Let Me", Survivor "High On You" and we close with Lee's song "Tight Lady." Have fun... kick back... and be entertained. 

Episode 237-The End Machine-The End Machine

August 28th, 2020

The End Machine 

On today’s episode, we review the album with Robert Mason on vocals and George Lynch on guitar. We also get into some heated discussions of some sort... probably. Our tracks of the week are: Warrant “Music Man”, Hog Heaven “Glass Room” and Lee’s closing track is “What People Do.” Enjoy good music! Cheers!

#HeavyMetal #GeorgeLynch #RobertMason #JeffPilson #MickBrown #GreatAlbum #theEndMachine

Episode 236-The Velvet Underground & Nico-The Velvet Underground & Nico

August 21st, 2020

The Velvet Underground & Nico


On this episode, we review the band’s debut album that is considered to be a classic with fans of this genre of music. We discuss whether or not we agree or disagree. Our tracks of the week are Steve Miller’s “Tokin’s”, The Bryds"I'll Feel a whole lot Better 'We close this Lee’s song “Saturday Cleanup Blues.” Have fun everybody and check out good music!

#nico #Velvetunderground #loureed

Episode 235-Rush - Hemispheres with Guest-Bob Reed

August 19th, 2020

On the podcast today, Marc and Lee are honored to have Bob Reed as their special guest as they review Rush's Hemispheres. They talk about what they think about the group and the album as well as some of their other albums. The conversation was fun and interesting. Tracks of the week include Coheed and Cambria's "In Keeping secrets silent earth: 3", Jo Mama's "Keep On Truckin'" and The Darkness' "Heavy Metal Lover." The group might be Rush but you can take your non-rushing time listening. Cheers, everybody!

#rush #Hemispheres 

Episode-234-Interview with Netta Laurenne (Lead Singer of Smackbound)

August 14th, 2020

Interview with Netta Laurenne (lead singer of Smackbound)

We have the privilege of giving you the interview we did with an excellent singer from Finland: Netta Laurenne. As well as being a member of the band Smackbound, she also performs with a band Run For Cover and has put out a solo album Lost & Found. We talk about her influences in music and the philosophy behind her message in music including what she wants to convey in Smackbound. She has a great vision for what she wants her music to achieve and we were very happy to talk to her about her artistry. Make sure you check out her music. You will be happy you did so.

Wanna know more about the band members?

Smackbound is a metal band from Helsinki, Finland. All of it's members are professional musicians. 


The front man and founder of the band, singer Netta Laurenne, has made a very versatile career as a singer from opera to musicals and cover gigs. Netta was 18 when she was first hired as a session musician and she has continued to sing on albums and working on studio sessions from there on. You might have heard her with Amorphis, Lordi, Black Sun, Elvenking, Cheek, Suvi Teräsniska, Arttu Wiskari, Matero, Paleface, Hevisaurus, Iconcrash, Mikko Pohjola etc. She is classically trained singer who has also studied pop/jazz and folk singing. And yes, she is also an actress.

Drummer Rolf Pilve is most well known from Stratovarius and Wintersun bands but works also a lot as a session musician. He gives drum lessons in Helsinki and is a passionate fisherman. He started he's career as a professional drummer back in 2005.

Guitarist Teemu Mäntysaari is propably most well known for playing in Wintersun but he is also a very versatile session musician and his guitar lessons are very longed for. Teemu lives in Switzerland thus travels a lot. He started playing guitar at age 13.

Keyboardist Vili Itäpelto is a gig machine performing in dozens of cover bands. He is also known from Tracedawn band and he teaches in the honored Pop/Jazz Conservatory in Helsinki. Vili also works as a songwriter and session musician in a lot of studio projects.

Bass player Tuomas Yli-Jaskari is known from Tracedawn band but nowadays he works as a music producer based at Sonic Pump Studios, Helsinki. Tuomas is in charge of the overall production of Smackbound's first album. All of the songs, naturally, are producer together as a band with everyone contributing on their own field of expertise but Tuomas has a talent for fitting it all together.

We wanted to make metal mixed with all the goodies we love in music. Play. Some love blues, one is into drap, the other into Ludovico Einaudi. Yet you can't beat the force and energy of metal. That's why we brought everything to it. 

Smackbound on social media:

Instagram: @smackbound_official


See you there! ;)

​Link to Buy the Record:

Episode 233-The Firm-The Firm

August 7th, 2020

The Firm


On this episode, we talk about the first album by the supergroup which had members of Bad Company, Led Zeppelin and Mannfred Mann’s Earth Band. Our tracks of the week include Warhorse “St. Louis”, Robert Plant “Big Log.” We close with a track by Lee called “Saturday Song.” Keep rocking as best you can and listen to good music!

Links to Buy the Album:



Episode 232-Black Sabbath-Sabotage-With Guest Mike(Metal Mike) Tyler

July 31st, 2020

Black Sabbath - Sabatage


On this episode, Marc and Lee are joined by Mike "Metal Mike" Tyler to review Black Sabbath's sixth studio album. We give our opinions on a lot of things outside of the album (though we eventually do review it). Tracks from the week include Blue Oyster Cult's "I'm On the Lamb (But I Ain't No Sheep)", Coverdale/Page's "Absolution Blues" and Haunt's "Divide and Conquer." Take it easy, take it sleazy and take it metal! Over and out.


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