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Welcome to the Free Form Rock Podcast, with our hosts, one fellow who has a wider range of musical interests and another fellow who likes to think of himself as a bit more limited and obscure, ha ha. Actually, we are proud of our diversity, as long as it stays within the limits of what is known as rock music, and we invite you to listen to our episodes and become more open-minded about music. Cheers, everybody!

Episode-186-Bon Jovi-These Days

October 7th, 2019

On this week’s edition of the Free Form Rock Podcast we review the album, “These Days” by  Bon Jovi these day and Lee isn’t too thrilled about it.  Before our review, we start our show with a track that Lee picked, “Hey Old Lady Bert’s Song” by Hampton Grease Band followed by an original song by Lee Gerstmann, “Cleaning Up A Room in My Memory.”  We close out our episode with our tracks of the week which include “Takin’ it on Uptown” by Chicago and “Bicycle Race” by Queen.  Please do us a favor and follow us on Podbean and leave a 5 star review on iTunes! Until next week, get your motor runnin’ and head out on that highway!